Recieving Jesus - The Calling of Peter (John 1:35-42)

Date: 1/19/2020
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Matthew's Gospel vs John's Gospel

Matthew is First; John is Last
Matt is to Jews; John is to the World
Matt is Textual; John is Theological

John’s Disciples Receive Jesus (1:35-39). The calling of the disciples begins with a very understated incident. Two of John’s disciples believe John’s word about Jesus and begin to follow Him (literally walking behind him). Jesus then “turned and saw them following” (v. 38). Jesus asks an open ended question, “What do you seek”? The response is coded, “Where are you staying”? They certainly wanted to ask more, just imagine . . .  But the question is classic Johanine code. “Stay” is meno or “abide” (E.g, 15:7). Where does Jesus abide? Now that’s a good question. Jesus bids them to see for themselves, “Come and see.”  The invitation to follow Jesus leads to knowing God.

Peter Receives Jesus (1:40-42). John’s Gospel shows Peter’s call, linking through Andrew and back to John the Baptist. The Gospel never mentions it, but John (the writer, son of Zebedee) himself and Andrew, are the first to receive the Baptizer’s testimony and to “see” where Jesus “abides.” Now Andrew testifies to Simon (Peter). “We have found the Messiah.” Actually, Jesus finds them. So now the disciples are leading others to “see” Jesus. As a result, Simon (Peter) comes to Jesus, just as did John and Andrew. Jesus “looks” (emblepo) “into him”(Lk. 22:61) and then names him, “Peter” (rock). The invitation to follow Jesus leads to knowing yourself.