Psalm 21 - King's Praise, Prayer, Faith

Date: 6/3/2018
Type: Sunday Sermon
Price: FREE

Sermon theme:

God answers the king’s prayer, and he trusts and praises God.


Psalm structure: a chiasm

A. Vs 1-2 the king rejoices in God’s strength and answered prayer

  B. Vs 3-6 – goodness, crown, long life, honor, majesty, gladness given

    C. Vs 7 – king trusts God.  Mercy secures the king.

  B’. Vs 8-12 – the king will defeat all His enemies; they were against God

A’. Vs 13 – exalting God for His strength and power.


Sermon outline

A. Praise

            Psalm review: prayers of God’s people, and of Jesus.  Ps 40:1-2

            Answered prayer from Ps 20

            Our basic duty: Rev 4

B. Unique gifts from God to governors


            Our kings/rulers

            Our own dominion

C. Trust and mercy are the center


Steve Hemmeke Pastor of Christ Church of Livingston County in Howell, MI.