It's Coming Home! (2 Samuel 6:1-23)

Speaker: Rev. Jon Herr
Date: 7/15/2018
Type: Sunday Sermon
Topic: Worship
Price: FREE

The steps of Movement, Joy, Tragedy, Reaction, and Rest are repeated twice: first in verses 1-11, then in verses 12-23. Additionally, the transportation of the ark into Jerusalem is the undoing of what happened when the ark was removed from the tabernacle at Shiloh in 1 Samuel 4:

A. Ark taken (house of Eli removed), 1 Samuel 4:1-22.

B. Ark exiled in Philistia, 1 Samuel 5:1-6:9.

C. Ark returned on cart (sin regarding ark), 1 Samuel 6:10-21.

D. Ark with Abinadab, 1 Samuel 7:1-2. 

C’ Ark returned on cart (sin regarding ark), 2 Samuel 6:1-9.

B’ Ark housed with a Philistine, 2 Samuel 6:10-11.

A’ Ark Restored (house of Saul removed), 2 Samuel 6:12-19. (Leithart)



Jon Herr Jon Herr (MATS, Reformed Theological Seminary; BS Bible, Philadelphia Biblical University) is Pastor of Christ Covenant Church of Chicago (CREC). Previously he served as a deacon and ministerial student at All Saints Church (CREC, Lancaster PA). He and his wife Jackie live in the Chicago suburbs with their two daughters and three sons.