EucharistiX - Ep. 3 - Francis Foucachon - French Chef, Church Planter, Seminary Prof, and Cobbler Lover

Date: 5/23/2018
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Type: Interview
Topic: Eucharist
Organization: Reformation Resources
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Welcome to EucharistiX, a podcast which explores the eucharistic dimension of life and worship based the New Testament word, “to give thanks” (Mt. 26 :27; Mk. 8:6; Lk. 22:17). In traditional Christian liturgy, the Eucharist is the second part of the service, following the service of the Word (the synaxis). The final X is added to refer to Xristos/Christ from the letter X (Chi). For more information contact Rev. Gregg Strawbridge, PhD, director of and Pastor of All Saints Church, Lancaster PA.


Francis Foucachon Born in Lyon and trained as a chef in the elite world of Lyonnaise gastronomy, Francis met and married Donna Rapacz, a graduate of Gordon College who was a high school teacher from Florida. Francis was trained personally by Ken Beach, a missionary-church planter in Lyon, and later attended the Reformed Theological Seminary in Aix-en-Provence, graduating in 1986. He was ordained in the Presbyterian... read more