Elders and Deacons in Isaiah? An Assessment of I. Clements Use of Isaiah 60:17

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This item is an mp3 audio recording from the conference set: Christianity in the Early Centuries Complete recordings from the 57th Annual Meeting of The Evangelical Theological Society in Philadelphia, PA, featuring plenary speakers: Christopher Hall – What Evangelicals and Liberals Can Learn from the Church Fathers; Nicholas Perrin – Thomas, the Fifth Gospel? D. Jeffrey Bingham – Development and Diversity in Early Christianity; Craig Blaising - Presidential Address – Faithfulness: A Prescription for Theology; Paul Trebilco – Gnostics in Asia Minor in the Early Second Century CE, Ignatius, and Others, as Witnesses against Bauer. This conference was held in November of 2005.
James B. DeYoung James B. De Young is Senior Professor of New Testament Language and Literature at Western Seminary, Portland, OR, where he has taught since 1975. In April, 2015, he retired and was honored with this title after 40 years of full time teaching.