Power in Unity Diversity in Rank: Subordination and the Trinity in the Early Fathers

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From the important conference which addressed the nature of truth and postmodernity - the 2004, 56th Annual Meeting of Evangelical Theological Society, held in San Antonio, TX. The theme was, What is Truth? Plenary sessions were as follows:

Andreas Köstenberger – What is Truth? Pilate’s Question in its Johannine and Larger Biblical Context
Albert Mohler – Truth and Contemporary Culture
J.P. Moreland – Truth and Contemporary Philosophy
Keving Vanhoozer – Lost in Interpretation?: Truth, Scripture and Hermeneutics
Greg Beale – Presidential Address – The Use of Old Testament Prophecy in the New Testament: ‘Literal’ Fulfillment, Allegory or Analogy?

Michael J. Svigel Michael J. Svigel (rhymes with “eagle”), department chair and associate professor of theological studies at Dallas Theological Seminary, has written numerous resources for Christian lay audiences. His book titles include RetroChristianity: Reclaiming the Forgotten Faith and Heroes and Heretics: Solving the Modern Mystery of the Ancient Church... read more