Inerrancy and Truth

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From the important conference which addressed the nature of truth and postmodernity - the 2004, 56th Annual Meeting of Evangelical Theological Society, held in San Antonio, TX. The theme was, What is Truth? Plenary sessions were as follows:

Andreas Köstenberger – What is Truth? Pilate’s Question in its Johannine and Larger Biblical Context
Albert Mohler – Truth and Contemporary Culture
J.P. Moreland – Truth and Contemporary Philosophy
Keving Vanhoozer – Lost in Interpretation?: Truth, Scripture and Hermeneutics
Greg Beale – Presidential Address – The Use of Old Testament Prophecy in the New Testament: ‘Literal’ Fulfillment, Allegory or Analogy?
Roger Nicole Dr. Roger Nicole is visiting Professor of Theology at RTS/Orlando. A native Swiss Reformed theologian, he has long been regarded as one of the preeminent theologians in America. He received his Th.D. from Gordon Divinity School and his Ph.D. from Harvard. As a bibliophile and distinguished librarian, his personal collection includes Calvin's Commentaries... read more