1 John 4.7-11 - Advent IV: Love

Date: 12/18/2016
Type: Sunday Sermon
Price: FREE

The theme for the fourth Sunday of Advent is Love.

How would you define love?  How does the world think of it?  What does 1 John 4:7-11 tell us love is, and what does this have to do with Christmas?  What things make it hard for you to love others?  How do we express love in the Christmas season to others, in a way that is connected to the Gospel?  What do traditional Christmas stories (Christmas Carol, It’s a Wonderful Life) get right about the “Christmas spirit” and love, and what do they miss or get wrong?



Sermon Theme: Because of God’s love to us in Christ, He reconciles with and relates to us.


Sermon outline

A. Introduction

B. 1 John 4:7-11

 1. God’s love, and ours – vss. 7-8, 11

 2. How has God loved us? - vss. 9-10

  a. Son sent

  b. To give life

  c. In spite of our unloveliness – Deut 7

C. Love of Jesus

D. Application

 1. Loving others – 1 John 4:7, 11

 2. A season for love

Steve Hemmeke Pastor of Christ Church of Livingston County in Howell, MI.