Ephesians 2.11-18 - Advent II: Peace

Date: 12/4/2016
Type: Sunday Sermon
Price: FREE

The theme for the second Sunday of Advent is Peace.

The angels sang to the shepherds over Bethlehem, “Peace on earth” because of the birth of the Prince of Peace.  How does God restore the peace we lost at the Garden?  How does He give us peace in a chaotic and unsettling world, until He rights every wrong in the end?


Sermon Theme: God made peace with us at the cross of Christ.  Perfect peace awaits us at His coming again, and we work for it now.


Sermon outline

A. Intro

B. Ephesians 2

 1. Far away, not citizens, stranger to covenant, without Christ

 2. Brought near, enmity and condemnation abolished, peace made

C. The Prince of Peace

D. Restoring peace within and around you:  Application

Steve Hemmeke Pastor of Christ Church of Livingston County in Howell, MI.