John 3.1-21 - The Need to Be Born Again

Date: 9/11/2016
Type: Sunday Sermon
Price: FREE

Sermon Theme: Man’s dark heart needs resurrection and rebirth. 

The Father gave the Son and the Spirit to us to give us life again.

We must believe in Jesus the Christ.


Sermon outline

A. 1-2 - Nicodemus at night

  B. 3-4 - Need to be born again

    C. 5-9 - The Spirit is given to give us birth

D. 10-13 – Jesus is a first hand witness, and comes from heaven

    C’. 14-17 - The Son is given to give us life

  B’. 18 - Need to believe

A’. 19-21 - Men love darkness, and need the light

Steve Hemmeke Pastor of Christ Church of Livingston County in Howell, MI.