IView - Brad Littlejohn - Investing for Retirement and the Theology of Anglican Richard Hooker

Date: 2/1/2016
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Type: Interview
Topic: Justification
Organization: Reformation Resources
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An iView conversation with Dr. Bradford Littlejohn (Ph.D., University of Edinburgh). We talked about his address at the Evangelcial Theological Society (2015) about saving for retirement and idolatry, as well as his new biography on the Anglican reformer Rev. Richard Hooker (1554-1600), including his views on worship and justification.

Bradford Littlejohn Dr. Brad Littlejohn is the President of the Davenant Trust, an organization dedicated to renewing classical Protestant wisdom at the intersection of the church and academy. He has written for popular and scholarly audiences on political theology, Christian ethics, Reformation studies, and the Mercersburg theology, and also teaches philosophy at Moody Bible Institute.