Richard Hooker: Reformed, Anglican, or Both?

Type: Lecture
Organization: Davenant
Price: $4.00

This lecture, containing excerpts from Dr. Littlejohn's new book, Richard Hooker: A Companion to His Life and Work aims to make the case that the great English theologian Richard Hooker (1553-1600) has as much to offer the Reformed tradition (and as much claim to be a part of it) as the Anglican tradition. Touching on Hooker's life and context, his relation to John Calvin and Thomas Aquinas, and his views on the church and sacraments, Dr. Littlejohn offers a great introduction to Hooker for those encountering him for the first time, and fresh insights for those already familiar with his work.  This lecture was delivered at the first regional meeting of the Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the Davenant Trust.

Bradford Littlejohn Dr. Brad Littlejohn is the President of the Davenant Trust, an organization dedicated to renewing classical Protestant wisdom at the intersection of the church and academy. He has written for popular and scholarly audiences on political theology, Christian ethics, Reformation studies, and the Mercersburg theology, and also teaches philosophy at Moody Bible Institute.