Fighting God's Wars: Disturbing Acts of Violence in Judges-Samuel

Fighting God's Wars: Disturbing Acts of Violence in Judges-Samuel
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Topic: ETS
Organization: ETS National
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A talk from the 2011 National Meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society on the theme, “No Other Name.” The conference featured plenary speakers: Darrell Bock, Tim Tennant, and Kelly Kapic.

Robert B Chisholm A speaker from the Evangelical Theological Society Meeting, Dr. Chisholm (B.A., Syracuse University, 1973; M.Div., Grace Theological Seminary, 1976; Th.M., 1978; Th.D., Dallas Theological Seminary, 1983), is the Dept. Chair and Professor Old Testament at Dallas Theological Seminary. He enjoys teaching the full breadth of Old Testament Studies, he takes special delight in the major and minor prophets.... read more

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