IView - Zero Sum Ecclesiology: A Conversation with Scott Kent Jones

Date: 8/7/2015
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Type: Interview
Topic: ecclesiology
Organization: Reformation Resources
Price: FREE

An interview with Scott Kent Jones, pastor, theologian, and Karaoke singer, as well as Princeton Seminary Ph.D. student. We touch on Dinesh D'Souza as the Incredible Hulk of evidential apologetics, the authenticity of the relationship between Christopher Hitchens v Douglas Wilson in their debates (Collision), Paul Zahl's theology of grace and "zero sum ecclesiology" - we focus on some anecdotes about  disappointments with the Church and congregations. Note: Intro music is Jobim's "How Insensitive" with GS on the flugelhorn . . .

Scott Kent Jones Scott K. Jones has served as teaching pastor of The Well (suburban Philadelphia), holds an undergraduate degree from Messiah College, an M.Div. from Pittsburg Theological Seminary, and is an ABD Ph.D. student at Princeton Theological Seminary. He is an avid karaoke singer and enjoyer of life. For more see his blog.