ETS One-Click Credits (10 credits)

ETS One-Click Credits (10 credits)
Organization: ETS National Credits
Price: $35.00

One-Click Credits provide for ETS downloads (of any year), one credit per downloadable mp3 item. How does this work? Once this item is purchased, we will provide you with these credits within 24 hours (or less). After we assign these credits you will see a new button which says "Buy for One Credit" - when you choose to do this, you will be able to immediately Download or Listen to this item. This item (redeemed by a credit) will be permanently placed in your account and always available to re-Download (or to Stream).

Why should I purchase this rather than the individual talks? A greater discount and convenience: with one-click you can Download or Stream an item! You do not have to go through the check out process and enter credit cared information, etc.

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