Subscription Renewal of the Complete ETS Library (USB)

Subscription Renewal of the Complete ETS Library (USB)
Price: $500.00
Shipping: Free Shipping

FREE SHIPPING! This product is only available for those who have purchased The ETS Library USB Subscription. This is the renewal of the Library Subscription. This product is a USB drive with the complete 2019 ETS recordings (National and Regional) available through This includes the ETS Eastern region (2018) as well as the 2018 ETS National Conference. Available to ship by December 1, 2019. All of these and more: ETS Recordings

Each year after the national ETS material is recorded (late November), the purchaser of the The ETS Library Subscription (USB) will receive the opportunity to purchase a new drive (which includes the latest recordings at a cost of slightly less than the newest conference recording cost). This is the renewal product. THE CURRENT SALE PRICE MAY BE CHANGED AT ANY TIME.

The owner of the Library Subscription (USB) may make this available in their library for students to copy the audio files or listen to them without restriction. However, users may not post the material elsewhere or seek to sell it without written permission. They may make copies for their personal use only.