The Ethics of Music (Psalter defense 1)

Date: 5/27/2012
Type: Lecture
Topic: Music
Price: FREE

Lecture 1

The church needs a new Psalter, with better music!

But first, is some music better than other music?  Can we know?  Does it matter?
Michael reasons that we should take every piece of music captive to the obedience of Christ, and suggests Biblical standards for evaluation.  Most importantly, about every element of music and every complete piece, we should ask "What does it mean?" "How does it affect us?" and  "How does it reflect us?" and compare the answers to God's Word. 
Where most lectures on *right or wrong music* assert strong conclusions about a few controversial styles, like rock music, Michael argues for standards which apply to all music everywhere, but runs out of time before he can apply them. 
Delivered at West Side Baptist Church, Gouverneur, NY.
Michael E. Owens Michael E. Owens is an amateur musician serving the Reformed and Mennonite communities from Lancaster County, PA. Michael was born in 1974, and is a piano technician and music engraver by trade.