Reformation Basics Part III - Unconditional Election

Date: 4/10/2011
Type: Sunday Sermon
Topic: Calvinism
Price: FREE

Today approach a hot topic in Christian circles, the topic of election or predestination. When we speak of election or predestination this morning we are speaking of God’s choice of certain individuals for salvation. While Scripture also speaks of a corporate election, it is the individual election of certain individuals to faith that I want to address today.


As Christians we frequently discuss the topic of election – though usually we emphasize that we “elect” or “choose” God. On one level this is of course true – we do choose God. When we turn from our sinful ways of life and believe in Jesus we are choosing to follow Him. But why? What moves some people to believe in God and others to reject Him?

Stuart W. Bryan Stuart Bryan is the pastor of Trinity Church. He and his wife, Paige, have seven children, four homegrown, two adopted from the lovely land of Guatemala, and one adopted from Ukraine. Stuart earned his B.A. in Religion from Whitworth College and his M.A. in Theological and Historical Studies from Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, Florida.