To you and your Children

Date: 1/8/2006
Type: Sunday School
Price: FREE

Notes taken by Pastor Brito

Introduction: Discussing Acts 2:39 - Credo baptists point to this verse and say that believer's children will only be baptized after profession of faith. Paedo's see this as God's covenant faithfulness. Why does he say that this is true of children? How do you account for the promise for you and your children?

We need to connect it to Peter's larger purpose and connect Peter's sermon to the larger purpose of Biblical revelation. Covenant Succession is God's purpose which embraces generations...He wants blessings to go to covenant children.

Creation and Unity of the Human Race - Acts 17 - He has made from one blood many Father from all nations. In Christ, the New Adam, we are a new humanity. Ephesians 3:14-15..the word for "family" is the collection of descendants coming from one father. God has died for the whole world because He has fathered a new race of men, a new Adam. The polemic about household conversion is the wrong question to ask; the real question is what is the significance of whole households being converted? The point is that many were blessed. God's blessings continue. 

Peter is tapping in into this unity created in covenant. This is how the apostolic church would understand Peter's words. It was very natural to hear these words...for all who repent and are baptized there is forgiveness of sins.


David Bryant David was the founding pastor of Providence Church.