Wine, Women and Song, pt 3

Date: 9/7/2008
Type: Sunday School
Price: FREE

James Jordan, "Wine, Women, and Song" pt 3

Notes from lecture:

Chanting through Psalm 2

Zones of life: We have different areas in which we live. In different areas we speak differently. There are different ways of speech and different musics in our speech. We can speak loud and soft, rapidly or slowly. Lullabies do not sound like marches. Marches do not sound like ball room dances. There is music that is spectator type, and there is music that is participatory. Different musics for different zones. Music varies according to culture. 

The musical tone of special worship. We are given themes, concepts, notions, and words. The worship music matches the words. Psalm 94 in the Trinity (pg. 46) is set to a ball-room dance. It is awful!  Music must go with the words. 

Incense teaches us that worship is a unique environment. It has its own music.

Exodus 30, Myrrh comes from trees. You can burn it like incense. God's money is heavier than other monies. God's shekels in the sanctuary are heavier than other shekels. We all shine. We are all anointed. Gold is solid light. The amount of gold in the temple corresponds to sunlight. 

Incense - In the Ancient world people did not bathe and they had body odor. People burned incense in their houses.  Esther had an incense bath. In the Lord's Supper you eat Jesus and become like Him and you smell like Jesus to God. What you take into you, you smell a certain way. God's idea in His place of worship is to be different from other places. half way through the lecture

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