Understanding the "Book of the Twelve" (Minor Prophets) Chiastic Summary

Date: 11/15/2009
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The “minor prophets” are one Scroll in the Hebrew Bible. They are referred to this way in Acts 7:42 which captures one of the main themes (idolatry). “So God turned from them and gave them up to the worship of the Host of Heaven, as it is written in the Book of the Prophets.”  The Book of the Twelve also has a sequential, even chiastic/parallel relationship which leads to the New Covenant promises.

Hosea - Adultery/Covenant love and repentance (symbol of grain, wine and oil)
   Joel - Day of the Lord on idolaters / repentance in Zion (plague on grain, wine and oil)
      Amos - Day of the Lord on wicked rich (famine for Word of Lord)
         Obadiah - Day of the Lord on Edom/Esau enemies of Israel
            Jonah - “Forty Days” for Nineveh /Compassion of the Lord on wicked
                Micah - Unchanging Love to Israel despite wickedness / Shepherd to arise 
            Nahum - Day of Trouble for Nineveh / Judgment on the wicked
         Habakkuk - Day of Distress - God will hold wicked nations guilty (Babylon)
      Zephaniah - Day of the Lord destruction on all the wicked earth and Judah
   Haggai - “That Day” of shaking all rich nations to rebuild the House after judgment
 Zechariah - Day of the Lord/holiness and all nations worship in Zion
Malachi - Divorce/Covenant love and repentance (pure “grain offering” from all nations)
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