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Complete Digital Library of ETS presentations (2004-2019) (over 8900 mp3s downloadable) $1,200.00 $299.00
ETS 2004 - What is Truth (440 mp3s) Albert Mohler $250.00
ETS 2004 National Meeting - What is Truth (21 selected mp3s) J.P. Moreland $49.00
ETS 2005 - Christianity in the Early Centuries (over 480 mp3s) Nicholas Perrin $300.00
ETS 2006 National Meeting - Christians in the Public Square (460 mp3s) John Piper $199.00
ETS 2007 - Teaching Them to Obey (507 mp3s) David Wells $250.00
ETS 2007 - Teaching Them to Obey (selected 17 mp3s) David Wells $29.00
ETS 2008 - Text and Canon (371 mp3s) Daniel Wallace $300.00
ETS 2009 - Personal and Social Ethics (543 mp3s) Scott B. Rae $300.00
ETS 2010 National Meeting - Justification by Faith (580 mp3s) N. T. Wright $300.00
ETS 2011 - No Other Name (567 mp3s) Darrell L Bock $199.99
ETS 2012 PLENARY Sessions - Caring for Creation (Global Warming?) Douglas Moo $16.00
ETS 2013 - Evangelicalism, Inerrancy, and ETS (570 mp3s) DA Carson $500.00
ETS 2013 - Plenary Sessions (Carson, Frame, Witherington, Yarbrough) $18.00
ETS 2013 -Five Views on Biblical Inerrancy (Merrick, Mohler, Enns, Bird, Vanhoozer, Franke - 5 mp3s) Albert Mohler $16.00
ETS 2013 Adam, Eve, and the Fall in Patristic Exegesis $16.00
ETS 2013 Bonhoeffer (4 mp3s) Stephen J. Nichols $16.00
ETS 2013 Calvinism and Middle Knowledge (Keathley, Welty, Ware, Laing) $16.00
ETS 2013 Christian History Since 1500 - Vatican II (4 mp3s) $16.00
ETS 2013 Engaging the Ethics of Islam (4 mp3s) $16.00
ETS 2013 Evangelicals, Inerrancy and Defending the Bible (4 mp3s) $16.00
ETS 2013 Four Views on The Historical Adam (4 mp3s) C. John Collins $16.00
ETS 2013 Letter to the Hebrews - Atonement and Resurrection David Moffitts Thesis $16.00
ETS 2013 NT Canon, Textual Criticism and Apocryphal Literature $16.00
ETS 2013 Old Testament Narrative Literature - Ethical Issues Robert B Chisholm $16.00

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"-Plenary 1" Shock and Awe: The Reformers and the Stunning... Gwenfair Walters Adams FREE
"-Plenary 2" - Timothy George - Where Are the Nail Prints?... Timothy George $4.00
"-Plenary 3" John Calvin's Doctrine of the Christian Li... Scott Manetsch $4.00
"-Plenary 4" C. Stephen Evans - Why Reformation Christians... Stephen Evans $4.00
"-Plenary 5" Revelatory Gifts of the Spirit and the Sufficiency... Sam Storms $4.00
"A Mixed Multitude": Gentiles in the Messianic Movement Hélène Dallaire $4.00
"Burn it to Ashes!" Gospel Justice for the Poor in Luther's... Greg Forster $4.00
"For You Are Our Father": Abraham Traditions in the Book... Benjamin M. Smith $4.00
"Giving Sustenance to the Sons of God": Martin Bucer's Program... Bradford Littlejohn FREE
"He Did What Was Right in the Sight of Yahweh": Reconsidering... Paul S. Evans $4.00
"He labors because he believes": Faith and Redemptive Almsgiving... Brian J. Arnold $4.00
"Noli Me Tangere" - Why John Meier Won't Touch the Risen... William Lane Craig $3.00
"Read This Law" (Deut 31:11): Early Torah Spirituality Dave Deuel $4.00
"Sharing in the Sufferings of Christ": A Plenary Genitive... Markus Klausli $4.00
"To which of the angels did God ever say?": Filial Language... Shawn J. Wilhite $4.00
(Panel Discussion 1) - Pauline Studies (invited): Paul and... Thomas Schreiner FREE
- PLENARY - Becoming a Refuge - Sex Trafficking and the... Myrto Theocharous FREE
-ETS 2009 Conference Program (PDF) 01 FREE
-ETS 2009 Conference Program (PDF) 02 FREE
-Evangelical Trinitarianism and the Unity of the Theological... Fred Sanders $4.00
-How the Trinity Should Govern Our Approach to World Re... Gerald McDermott $4.00
-Justification Panel Discussion Part 1 (Wright, Schreiner,... N. T. Wright $4.00
-Justification Panel Discussion Part 2 (Wright, Schreiner,... N. T. Wright $3.00
-Medieval Manuscripts and Modern Evangelicals - Lessons... Daniel Wallace $4.00
-PLENARY - Forgiveness in Marriage Everett L. Worthington. FREE
-PLENARY - Revolutionary Marriage - The Revolution Needed... John Trent $4.00
-PLENARY - Washed and Still Waiting - Homosexuality in Evangelical... Wesley Hill $4.00
-PLENARY 01 Inerrancy - A Place to Live John M. Frame FREE
-Plenary 01 What Evangelicals and Liberals Can Learn from... Christopher A. Hall $4.00
-PLENARY 02 An Evaluation of Some Recent Discussions on... DA Carson $4.00
-Plenary 02 Thomas - the Fifth Gospel? Nicholas Perrin $4.00
-Plenary 03 Development and Diversity in Early Christia... D. Jeffrey Bingham $4.00
-PLENARY 03 The Truth will Out: an Historians Perspective... Ben Witherington III $4.00
-Plenary 04 Faithfulness A Prescription for Theology - ETS... Craig Blaising $4.00
-PLENARY 04 Panel Discussion on Inerrancy MULTIPLE SPEAKERS $4.00
-Plenary 05 Gnostics in Asia Minor in the Early Second Century... Paul Trebilco $4.00
-PLENARY 05 The Future of Cognitive Reverence for the B... Robert W. Yarbrough $4.00
-PLENARY 1 What is Truth? Pilates Question in its Johannine... Andreas J. Köstenberger $4.00
-Plenary 1 - Holy God and Holy People - Pneumatology and... Gregg R Allison $4.00
-PLENARY 2 Truth and Contemporary Culture Albert Mohler $4.00
-Plenary 2 - When the Church Was a Family - Christian Communities... Joseph H. Hellerman $4.00
-PLENARY 3 Truth and Contemporary Philosophy J.P. Moreland $4.00
-Plenary 3 - Some Reflections on Sola Fide Thomas Schreiner FREE
-PLENARY 4 Lost in Interpretation?: Truth Scripture and... Kevin J Vanhoozer $4.00
-Plenary 4 - The Measure of the Church Miroslav Volf $4.00
-PLENARY 5 The Use of Old Testament Prophecy in the New... Gregory K. Beale FREE
-Plenary 5 - Panel Discussion - Allison, Hellerman, and... Miroslav Volf $4.00
-PLENARY SESSION 1: Individual and Community: Lessons from... David Cook $3.00
-PLENARY SESSION 1: Justification: The Saving Righteousness... Thomas Schreiner $3.00
-PLENARY SESSION 1: The Incarnation and Christian Existence:... Kelly M Kapic $3.00
-PLENARY SESSION 2: God's Righteousness as God's Fairness... Frank Thielman $3.00
-PLENARY SESSION 2: PostModernity the Paradigm and the PreEminence... Timothy C. Tennent $3.00
-PLENARY SESSION 2: Towards Communal Christian Ethics: An... Samuel Kunhiyop $3.00
-PLENARY SESSION 3: BiblicallyBased Ethics: Whats Missi... John F. Kilner $4.00
-PLENARY SESSION 3: Justification - Yesterday, Today and... N. T. Wright $4.00
-PLENARY SESSION 3: On Entitlement Grace Salvation and Jesus... Darrell L Bock FREE
-PLENARY SESSION 4: On the Intersection of Faith Economics... Scott B. Rae $4.00
-PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: Sceva Solomon and Shamanism. The... Clinton E. Arnold $3.00
-The Bible and the Trinity in Recent Thought - Review, Analysis,... Scott Swain $4.00
-The Rationality of Faith - How Does Christianity Make Sense... Alister E. McGrath FREE
: A Cipher for Gods Covenant Faithfulness? $4.00
‘Creeds' as Educational Epitomes of the Gospel John Dickson $4.00
‘I seek only to disperse Satan's Smoke': Iconoclasm and... Ryan Glomsrud $4.00
‘Living and Active': Scripture, the Holy Spirit, and the... David B. Garner $4.00
‘The Only Wisdom We Can Hope to Acquire': Christology, Moral... Tyler R. Wittman $4.00
‘To clothe yourselves with the new self': Costume and Character... David I. Starling $4.00
‘Two Peas in a Pod' or ‘Apples and Oranges'? Mapping Trajectories... Ian J Maddock $4.00
‘Walking with God': Cultivating Spiritual Disciplines with... Tom Schwanda $4.00
‘You Ought to Be Teachers': Community Obligation in Hebrews... Matt Kimbrough $4.00
01 A Conversation on Origins: BioLogos, Reasons to Believe,... Deborah Haarsma $4.00
01 Denis O. Lamoureux No Adam The Evolutionary Creation... Denis O. Lamoureux $4.00
01 James R. A. Merrick Introducing the Discussion James R.A. Merrick $4.00
01 Plenary Protestant or Papist: The Necessity of Scriptures... K. Scott Oliphint $4.00
01 Teaching Them to Obey Douglas Moo $3.00
02 A Conversation on Origins: BioLogos, Reasons to Believe,... Darrel Falk $4.00
02 John H. Walton Adam and Eve as Archetypes John H. Walton $4.00
02 OT Ethics in Covenantal and Missional Perspective Christopher J.H. Wright $3.00
02 R. Albert Mohler Jr. Classic Inerrancy is Necessary for... Albert Mohler FREE
02a Plenary - The Anatomy of Unbelief (Rom. 1:18-32) K. Scott Oliphint $4.00
02b Plenary Making Sense of the Different Apologetic M... Josh Chatraw $4.00
03 A Conversation on Origins: BioLogos, Reasons to Believe,... Fazale Rana $4.00
03 C. John Collins Adam and Eve Who They Were and Why... C. John Collins $4.00
03 Now that Faith Has Come Philip Jenkins $3.00
03 Peter E. Enns Abandoning Inerrancy Is Necessary for Evangelical... Peter E. Enns $4.00
03a Plenary Apologetics in Action Paul at the Areopag... K. Scott Oliphint $4.00
03b Plenary Apologetics at the Cross Josh Chatraw $4.00
04 A Conversation on Origins: BioLogos, Reasons to Believe,... John H Walton $4.00
04 Christian Discipleship in a Postmodern World David Wells $3.00
04 Michael F. Bird Inerrancy is Not Necessary for Evangelicalism... Michael F. Bird $4.00
04 William Barrick A Historical Adam Young-Earth Creation... William Barrick $4.00
05 A Conversation on Origins: BioLogos, Reasons to Believe,... Hugh Ross $4.00
05 Kevin J. Vanhoozer Augustinian Inerrancy A WellVersed... Kevin J Vanhoozer $4.00
06 John R. Franke Inerrancy and the Missional God John R. Franke $4.00
07 Mohler Enns Bird Franke Panel Discussion Five Views... MULTIPLE SPEAKERS $4.00
1 and 2 Kings and the Early Church Fathers Walter A. Maier $4.00
1 Chronicles 5:1-2: Toward an Apology for the Northern... Todd Borger $4.00
1 Corinthians 11:116 A Prohibition of Homosexuality Kirk R. MacGregor $4.00
1 Corinthians 7:9 and Teaching Sexual Purity in a Church... Jason S. Sexton $4.00
1 Peter and Categorical Semiotics: New Directions in Intertextual... $4.00
1 Timothy 3:16 and the Descent and Ascent of Christ $4.00