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""01 PLENARY Scriptural Inerrancy: The Witness of Andrew... Michael A. G. Haykin $4.00
""02 PLENARY The Spirit and Mission Craig Keener FREE
""03 Plenary In Defense of Penal Substitution William Lane Craig $4.00
""04 PLENARY Rediscovering the Holy Spirit and the Future... Michael S. Horton $4.00
"Abraham Rejoiced to See My Day and Saw It": Jesus' Take... Randy Rheaume $4.00
"Can We Believe in Creation and Evolution?" – A Preliminary... James K. Hoffmeier $4.00
"In You Our Ancestors Put Their Trust": Psalm 22 and the... Matthew Monkemeier $4.00
"Messenger of the covenant" in Malachi 3:1: John or Jes... E. Ray Clendenen $4.00
"Mother Knows Best:" The Maternal Turn in American Protestant... David Setran $4.00
"Offspring like the Sands": Abraham's Offspring in the Book... Benjamin M. Smith $4.00
"Persons" Divine and Human: The Concept of Person in and... J. Scott Horrell $4.00
"Punish them, Lord"/"Father, forgive them": Christian Maturation... Eric Johnson $4.00
"Punish them, Lord"/"Father, forgive them": Christian Maturation... Stephen Dempster $4.00
"Savior of All People": Distinguishing Universality from... Brian H. Tung $4.00
"The Elegancy of the Holy Ghost": The Holy Spirit and Aesthetics... Nathan Tarr $4.00
"The Spirit that Loveth Unanimity": Lancelot Andrewes' Doctrine... Andre A. Gazal $4.00
"Visibly Wicked Persons Ought Not to Be Tolerated in the... Glenn R. Kreider $4.00
"We" Language and Pauline Authorship Kevin L. Moore $4.00
"You shall surely die." Reading Genesis 2:17 as a Curse... Pierre Gilbert $4.00
#Metoo and Evangelicalism: Shattering Myths about Sexual... Steven R. Tracy $4.00
(Hyper)Enduring to the End: A Block Universe Argument against... Patrick Brown $4.00
(Mis)Naming God in Second-Century Christian Polemics Christopher A. Graham $4.00
-Plenary 3 David Dockery Presidential Address - Toward a... David S. Dockery $4.00
-Plenary 4 - Michael Horton - The Lord and Giver of Life... Michael S. Horton $4.00
‘But You Received the Spirit of Adoption' (Rom 8:15): Love... Joshua Maurer $4.00
‘Jacob's Trouble': The Shechem Fiasco and the Breaking of... Brian Neil Peterson $4.00
‘The Voluntary Author of All Divine Operations': The Holy... Jonathan W. Arnold $4.00
‘To Behold the Beauty of Jehovah': Calvin on the Sanctifying... Alden C. McCray FREE
1 Peter's Use of the Holy Spirit Doug Holm $4.00
1 Timothy as a Matrix for the 'Lawful' Use of the Law L. Timothy Swinson $4.00
A ‘Happy Union': Piety in the Marriage of Philip and Mercy... Joseph C. Harrod $4.00
A Barthian and Pentecostal turn to the Holy Spirit in the... Steven M. Studebaker $4.00
A Biblical/Historical Case for Global Christian Spiritual... Richard J. McLaughlin $4.00
A Book ‘Worth Publishing': The Making of Westcott & Hort's... Peter J. Gurry $4.00
A Consideration of D. L. Moody's Use of the Phrase, Baptism... Mark H Ballard FREE
A Critique of Postmodern Evangelical Rejections of Natural... Andrew I. Shepardson $4.00
A Crown of Suffering and Glory Eric Turner $4.00
A Defense of the Holy Spirit as God from a Biblical/Linguistic... Leander Chalice $4.00
A Family of Royal Priests: Why the Priesthood of Believers... David Schrock $4.00
A King's Speech: Royal Ideology in 1 Sam 17:31-37 Kenton F. Williams $4.00
A Lewis–Plantinga Response to Epistemic Skepticism Regarding... Chris D. Lee $4.00
A Lock of Hair, a Ruined Cabin, and a Party with Hitler:... John D. Wilsey $4.00
A Pauline Theology of the Holy Spirit in the Letters to... Terry L Wilder $4.00
A Possible Scriptural Precedent for Paul's Teaching on Divorce... Brian Neil Peterson $4.00
A Post-Montanist Perspective: The Holy Spirit in a North... Megan DeVore $4.00
A Promising Future: The Eschatological Third View as a Way... Johnathan Harris $4.00
A Question Never Asked: What do The Attributes of God Have... Matthew Barrett $4.00
A Question of Orthodoxy: The First London Baptist Confession... James M Renihan $4.00
A Rational and Spiritual Worship: Comparing J. S. Bach and... Matthew Raley FREE
A Reply to Speaks's Challenge to Perfect Being Theology Tien-Chun Lo $4.00
A Review of the Christian Standard Bible (CSB) Mark L. Strauss $4.00
A Spring of Living Water: Metaphors for Spirit in the Fourth... Mark Wilson $4.00
A Step Back Every Now and Again: Horton's Ordinary Pneu... Fred Sanders $4.00
A Theological Aesthetic Model of the Doctrine of God, and... Jonathan King $4.00
A Theological Evaluation of the Revisions in the Christian... Garet D. Robinson $4.00
A Theological Review of Union with Christ in God & Soul... Steven L. Porter $4.00
A Thorn by Any Other Name: Dominance and Its Role in Ab... Mimi Haddad $4.00
A Voice Among the Restricted French Delegates of Dort; Pierre... Matthew Scott Harding $4.00
Abiding in the True Vine: Exegetical Solutions to Some Interpretive... Raju D. Kunjummen $4.00
Abila of the Decapolis: the 2018 Season of Excavation David Vila $4.00
ABR's Second Season at Shiloh - 2018 Scott Stripling $4.00
Absent from the Handbooks? The Role of the Holy Spirit in... Maurice A. Robinson $4.00
Abuse: What Is It? Why Is It? And What Can We Do about... Igrid Faro $4.00
Accents and Exegesis: A Guide for the Perplexed Mark Futato $4.00
Acts, the Spirit, and Latin American Hermeneutics Carlos Sosa Siliezar $4.00
Adopted into the Family of God: Ephesians 1:5 in light of... Joe Fantin $4.00
Adopters and Adapters of Gerald Wilson's Canonical Approach... David M. Howard Jr. $4.00
Adoption in the Jesus Tradition David Capes $4.00
Agency and Obduracy: A Comparison of Romans 11:8 and 1Q... Stuart Langley $4.00
Allison and Kostenberger - A Biblical and Systematic Theology... Gregg R Allison $4.00
An Appreciative Disagreement with the Nashville Stateme... Preston Sprinkle $4.00
An Eleventh-Century Text in Which the Rapture Occurs Six... Francis X. Gumerlock $4.00
An Evangelical Tent for Neurobiology? Laura Barwegen $4.00
An Evidentialist Model of Faith Travis Dickinson $4.00
An Exegesis of Psalm 90 in Light of the Old Testament N... Dustin Jeremy Coleman $4.00
Analysis and Conclusions Regarding 1 Tim 2:8-3:1a Marjorie J. Cooper $4.00
And His Spirit Was Troubled"": Towards a Pneumatology of... Timothy M Rucker $4.00
Anglican Theology: Confessions, Creeds, and Reformed Ca... Joel Scandrett $4.00
Anglican View of Confessions, Creeds, and Reformed Cath... Greg Peters $4.00
Anglo-Catholic or Anglo-Orthodox?: The Evangelical Significance... Michael J. McClymond $4.00
Another Look at the Structure of Malachi: A Discourse-Analysis... John Oswalt $4.00
Answering Islamic State: A Modest Proposal John D. Laing $4.00
Apostle Stories after the New Testament: Discerning the... W. Brian Shelton $4.00
Applying the Portraits of God Matt Friedeman $4.00
Archaeological Surveys on the Karak Plateau: Evidence for... John Wineland $4.00
Archibald Alexander and the Reception of Scottish Philosophy... Michael J. Plato $4.00
Are Literal Translations More Respectful of the Holy Spirit's... Bill Mounce $4.00
Assumptions and Antecedents of Gerald Wilson's Canonical... Tremper Longman III $4.00
Augmentations to Gerald Wilson's Canonical Approach to the... Jamie Grant $4.00
Augustine on Adam and Eve Gavin Ortlund $4.00
Augustine, Pelagius, and Original Sin: Reflections on an... Bradley G. Green $4.00
B.B. Warfield's Doctrine of Hypostatic Union and its Soteriological... Ronni Kurtz $4.00
Balfour at 100: How British Millennialism Paved the Road... Stan Meyer $4.00
Baptist View of Confessions, Creeds, and Reformed Catho... Lucas Stamps $4.00
Basil of Caesarea: Champion for the Holy Spirit Graydon Cress $4.00
Between Archibald McLean & Andrew Fuller: Abraham Booth... David G. Norman $4.00
Beware of Philippians 3:2: Reconsidering a Supposed Imp... Stanley E. Porter $4.00
Biblical Counseling Perspectives on God & Soul Care Keith Palmer FREE
Biblical Theology between History and Theological Inter... Michael F. Bird $4.00
Biblical Theology from a New Testament Perspective Eckhard J. Schnabel $4.00