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-Evangelical Trinitarianism and the Unity of the Theological... Fred Sanders $4.00
-How the Trinity Should Govern Our Approach to World Re... Gerald McDermott $4.00
-Medieval Manuscripts and Modern Evangelicals - Lessons... Daniel Wallace $4.00
-The Bible and the Trinity in Recent Thought - Review, Analysis,... Scott Swain $4.00
-The Rationality of Faith - How Does Christianity Make Sense... Alister E. McGrath $4.00
A Biblically Compassionate Response to Transgender Pers... Preston Sprinkle $4.00
A Biblically Compassionate Response to Transgender Pers... Albert Mohler $4.00
A. Andrew Das - Jesus as Messiah in Romans A. Andrew Das $4.00
A. Chadwick Thornhill - For the Sake of the Chosen Ones... A. Chadwick Thornhill $4.00
Abner Chou - Introduction to the Field of Intertextuali... Abner Chou $4.00
Abraham Kuruvilla - 'Words, Words, Words' - From Text to... Abraham Kuruvilla $4.00
Adam Harwood - Did the Incarnation Introduce Change among... Adam Harwood $4.00
Adam Omelianchuk - Why Would Anyone Want to Say a Thing... Adam Omelianchuk $4.00
Adam W. Greenway - What Billy Graham Owed to R. A. Torr... Adam W Greenway $4.00
Adamson Co - Contra Moltmann - The Necessity of a 'Monotheistic... Adamson Co $4.00
Adonis Vidu - How Can Only the Son Be Incarnate Understanding... Adonis Vidu $4.00
Alan Myatt - Hearing the Global Church on the Trinity—Two... Alan Myatt $4.00
Alan Thompson - Hans Conzelmann Alan Thompson $4.00
Alister E. McGrath - JI Packer's Significance for Theol... Alister E. McGrath $4.00
Amy Black - Christian Traditions and Political Engagement... Amy Black $4.00
Andreas Kostenberger - An Investigation of the Mission Motif... Andreas J. Köstenberger $4.00
Andrew Abernethy - God of Israel and the Nations - Theological... Andrew T. Abernethy $4.00
Andrew Ballitch - God the Son in the Theology of William... Andrew Ballitch $4.00
Andrew Ballitch - John Cotton's Place in Puritanism Andrew Ballitch $4.00
Andrew Garland - Can Conscience Provide Basic Moral Kno... Andrew Garland $4.00
Andrew Hollingsworth - Ecos of Meaning - Umberto Eco's Semiotic... Andrew Hollingsworth $4.00
Andrew M. King - A Dying and (Quickly) Rising God - Jehu's... Andrew M. King $4.00
Andrew Spurgeon - Setting Matthew 5.31–32 within the Context... Andrew Spurgeon $4.00
Andy Naselli - Was It Inherently Sinful to Eat Meat Sacrificed... Andy Naselli $4.00
Angus Menuge - Christian Physicalism and the Knowledge of... Angus Menuge $4.00
Anneke Stasson - Virgin Mothers - An Evangelical Theology... Anneke Stasson $4.00
Anthony L. Chute - Pastoral Advice from the Past - Reflections... Anthony L. Chute $4.00
Ardel Caneday - Save Yourself and the People Who Hear You... Ardel B. Caneday $4.00
Austin M. Freeman - The Purpose of Paradox Austin M. Freeman $4.00
Barry J. Beitzel - The 'Red Sea' in Biblical, Classical,... Barry A Beitzel $4.00
Barry Joslin - Monotheism, Tri-Theism, or Tri-Unity - Uncovering... Barry C. Joslin $4.00
Bates, Stovel, Gignilliat, Boda Panel Discussion - Prophetic... Mark J. Boda $4.00
Ben Rhodes - What is the Distinct Work of the Holy Spirit... Ben Rhodes $4.00
Benjamin I. Simpson - The Lord's Supper as Commemoratio... Benjamin I. Simpson $4.00
Benjamin J. Burkholder - Bonhoeffer's Account of the Conscience... Benjamin J. Burkholder $4.00
Benjamin K. Forrest - Paul, Timothy, and Technology - A... Benjamin K. Forrest $4.00
Benjamin L. Merkle - Verbal Aspect and Imperatives - Ephesians... Benjamin L. Merkle $4.00
Bernie A. Cueto - The Use of PISTIS in the Greco-Roman World... Bernie A. Cueto $4.00
Beth M. Stovell - The Trinity, God's Spirit and Presence,... Beth M. Stovell $4.00
Bill Kynes - Sharing Jesus' Sonship - The Distinctive Message... Bill Kynes $4.00
Bill Loader - Two Views on Homosexuality, the Bible, and... Bill Loader $4.00
Bill Watson - The Greek of the Gospel of Mark and the Synoptic... Bill Watson $4.00
Billy Puckett - The Ethical Trinity - Aseity as Moral A... Billy Puckett $4.00
Boyd Seevers - A Headless Judean Pillar Figurine from Gibeah... Boyd Seevers $4.00
Brad F. Mellon - Singularity or Trinity - A Trinitarian... Brad F Mellon $4.00
Bradley N. Seeman - What Problem of Evil Does God Face Bradley N. Seeman $4.00
Bradley Nassif - Baptism, Eucharist and the Church - An... Bradley Nassif $4.00
Brandon L. Rickabaugh - Naturalism and the Mental Problem... Brandon L. Rickabaugh $4.00
Brent A. Belford - Exploring Paul's Literary Style - Composite... Brent A. Belford $4.00
Brent Sandy - Synoptic Problem Four Views Book Brent Sandy $4.00
Brent Waters - Being and Doing Church in Public Brent Waters $4.00
Brian Arnold - 'The Holy Spirit is She who milked Him' -... Brian J. Arnold $4.00
Brian Arnold - The Canonicity and Christological Appropriation... Brian J. Arnold $4.00
Brian D. Renshaw - The Kingdom of God After Ladd - An Evangelical... Brian D. Renshaw $4.00
Brian Fikkert - Homo Economicus Versus Homo Imago Dei Brian Fikkert $4.00
Brian Huffling - Aquinas' View of the Trinity and the Charge... Brian Huffling $4.00
Brian J. Wright - Communal Reading in the Time of Jesus... Brian J. Wright $4.00
Brian Larsen - 'Birds, Wind, and Fire' - Biblical Depictions... Brian Larsen $4.00
Brian Larsen - Trinitarian Analogies Brian Larsen $4.00
Brian P. Gault - Avenging Husband and Alluring Lover Opposing... Brian P. Gault $4.00
Brian Rosner - Conformed to the image of God's Son - The... Brian Rosner $4.00
Brian Schultz - Orality and Reading Comprehension Brian Schultz $4.00
Brittany Melton - Conspicuous Females and an Inconspicuous... Brittany Melton $4.00
Bruce A Ware - The Nature of the Priority of the Father... Bruce Ware $4.00
Bruce Hindmarsh - JI Packer's Significance for Evangeli... Bruce Hindmarsh $4.00
Bruce W. Fong - Derek Tidball a Contemporary Pastoral T... Bruce W. Fong $4.00
Bruno Soltic - Revisiting Biblical Bamah-Bamot - Recent... Bruno Soltic $4.00
Bryant G. Wood - Locating Bethel Bryant G. Wood $4.00
Byron G. Curtis - Theodicy on Steroids - Zechariah 14.6–9,... Byron G. Curtis $4.00
C. Hassell Bullock - Double-tracking in the Psalms, Book... C. Hassell Bullock $4.00
C. John Collins - Genesis 1–11, Poetry, History, Science,... C. John Collins $4.00
C. P. Davis - Nuancing MONOGENES - From Father God to God... C. P. Davis $4.00
C. Randall Breland - The Year of the Lord's Favor - A Biblical... C. Randall Breland $4.00
Caleb T. Friedeman - Born a Child and Yet a King - Evaluating... Caleb T. Friedeman $4.00
Caleb T. Friedeman - The Place of Eradication Language in... Caleb T. Friedeman $4.00
Candi Finch - Reimagining God as Sophia - What Happens to... Candi Finch $4.00
Carl B. Smith II - Pre-Christian Gnosticism - The State... Candi Finch $4.00
Carl Sanders - Biblical Language Instruction by the Book... Carl Sanders $4.00
Carsten Vang - Intertextuality in Old Testament Narratives... Carsten Vang $4.00
Chad Meister - Christ and the Cosmos - An Analysis of Keith... Chad Meister $4.00
Chad Meister - Integrative Theism and the Argument from... Chad Meister $4.00
Charles Edward White - God is not like Stalin - A Wesleyan... Charles White $4.00
Charlie Trimm - Christ in Judges and Ruth A Survey of Recent... Charlie Trimm $4.00
Ched Spellman - Nehemiah's New Shadow - The Canonical Function... Ched Spellman $4.00
Chet Roden - The Influence of Hathor at Tel Gezer - A Consideration... Chet Roden $4.00
Chip M. Anderson - Church Growth to the Praise of God's... Chip M. Anderson $4.00
Chris Ansberry - Israelite Wisdom - Theological, Particular,... Chris Ansberry $4.00
Chris McKinny - 'Struck Down for Error' - A Discussion of... Chris McKinny $4.00
Chris R. Armstrong - God the Son - Medieval Incarnation... Chris R. Armstrong $4.00
Chris R. Armstrong - Life in the Body - An Americanist Considers... Chris R. Armstrong $4.00
Chris S. Stevens - Does Neglect Mean Rejection - Canonical... Chris Stevens $4.00
Chris S. Stevens - Philippians in P46, Sinaiticus, and Codex... Chris Stevens $4.00
Chris S. Stevens - Using Greek in Preaching the New Tes... Chris Stevens $4.00
Christopher A. Graham - Baptism in Irenaeus of Lyons - Testimony... Christopher A. Graham $4.00
Christopher A. Graham - Luke's Paradise of Today - Expectation... Christopher A. Graham $4.00