1 John 1:1-4 Fellowship in the Father, and the Son, and the Apostles Michael Shover 4/11/2021
Mark 16:1-8 The Contimnuation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God Michael Shover 4/4/2021
King Solomon Michael Shover 4/2/2021
John 13:35 - Have Love for One Another Michael Shover 4/1/2021
Mark 15:33-47 The Death and Burial of Jesus Michael Shover 3/28/2021
John 12:20-33 The Mission of Glory Nathan Brunaugh 3/21/2021
Mark 15:21-32 The Enthronement and Crucifixion of the King Michael Shover 3/14/2021
Mark 15:1-20 The Coronation of the King of the Jews Michael Shover 3/7/2021
Mark 14:66-72 Peter's Denial - Live Not By Lies Michael Shover 2/28/2021
Mark 14:53-65 God in the Dock Michael Shover 2/21/2021