Kenneth Gentry

Kenneth Gentry offers "serious studies for serious Christians" in a broad range of theological and exegetical issues from a Reformed theological perspective. Some of the key issues for which we have educational materials include: Calvinism, reformed theology, Presbyterianism, eschatology in general, postmillennialism, preterism, the Book of Revelation, theonomy, six-day creation, presuppositionalism, predestination, lordship salvation, infant baptism, the Christian worldview, Christian education, the Christian and alcohol, and more.

We have produced in-depth materials critiquing and rebutting dispensationalism, hyperpreterism, the framework hypothesis, paedocommunion, exclusive psalmody, charismatic phenomena, annihilationism, and other popular views.



Current Broadcast: Book of Revelation 01-Preface

Ken L Gentry
Date: 2/5/2013
Dr. Kenneth Gentry's Course - The Divorce of Israel: Introduction & Survey of the book of Revelation (22 mp3 messages). This is an excellent survey through the book by a Reformed exegete that has been the recognized authority in our day on the postmillennial/preterist view point of eschatology. Dr. Gentry has published numerous books and articles to support this view.

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