Evangel Classical Christian School

Believing that people are ultimately defined by what they love, ECCS seeks to capture our students' hearts for Christ by shaping their loves through a classical Christian education. ECCS is an accredited member of the ACCS located in Alabaster, AL, serving covenant families preschool through 12th grade.

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George  Grant
Date: 9/16/2019
Speakers: George Grant, Steve Wilkins, and Douglas Wilson - The Reformation is one of the high points of church history, and it behooves Christians to know about the mighty men who so faithfully fought for God's glory. The following biographies are included in this set : 1. Gerard 1. Gerard Groote - George Grant 2. William Tyndale - Douglas Wilson 3. Jan Hus - George Grant 4. John Wycliffe - Steve Wilkins 5. Martin Bucer - George Grant 6. William Wallace - Steve Wilkins 7. Richard Hooker - Douglas...

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