Complete ETS Library 2004-2018 (over 8200 mp3s) (USB)

Complete ETS Library 2004-2018 (over 8200 mp3s) (USB)
Topic: Complete Sets
Organization: ETS National Library USB
Price: $1,100.00 $199.97
Shipping: $20.00

This USB drive(s) has over 64 Gb of conference recordings. This product will include the 2018 National ETS Conference, all previous conferences available via digital recordings (2004-2017), as well as a few selected sessions prior to 2004. This USB will ship by Dec. 1, 2018. This product is a USB drive(s) with the complete digital recordings of the Evangelical Theological Society (National and some Regional 2004-2018) available through See more here - ETS Collection.This includes all of these and more.

Each year, the purchaser of the Library Subscription of the Complete ETS Recordings (USB) will receive the opportunity to purchase a new drive (which includes the latest recordings at a discount).

The owner of the Library Subscription (USB) may make this available in their library for students to copy the audio files or listen to them without restriction. However, users may not post the material elsewhere or seek to sell it without written permission. They may make copies for their personal use only.